App Moviles

RARComputación presents its iPhone and Android apps, these apps let you listen to almost any smart device your online radio. These apps are at a very reasonable price for our customers. The price includes updates as new features go.



  • Support for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.
  • Logo Radio
  • custom Background
  • Music player for mp3 and acc +
  • Support for shoutcast and icecast
  • Volume Control
  • The radio rings even when your iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) is locked




  • We handle all the paperwork in the app store.
  • Your application will be ready in a week
  • The approval time in the app store is 7 to 22 days

These apps may also have:

  • Comments on Facebook
  • Name of the song
  • Twitter
  • Vote
  • News

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Social Networks

Let your listeners communicate with you through social networks without leaving your app. Your listeners can log in, visit and write to the facebook profile, twitter or any other social network.


We are constantly improving the app for Android & iPhone, this improvement will be present in your app.

Some improvements we are working: song titles, ratings, news radio.


If the app requires to add a help listeners know how to use it properly.


If you want to generate income, we can add advertising and if you want even advertise their own customers. This functionality is an additional cost.


Want some extra functionality?, We can customize your radio as required. Imagination is the limit in mobile application development.


Have information detailing the download and usage statistics (Analytics), with details of who uses your app for live radio.

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