Joomla RAR RADIO Module

Radio RAR is a module for the Joomla!

This module lets you listen to streaming audio from Shoutcast, Icecast and Windows Media, this player can be used with both pop-up, as embedded in the page.

It has support for Flash, Silverlight, Windows Media Player and is in beta HTML5 player.

You can add advertising through Google AdSense.

Support for the title of the songs, both icecast, shoutcast, to zaraftp with CurrentSong.

  It also has support for facebook comments.

Radio RAR features:

- MP3 (Icecast and Shoutcast), windows media and html5 (beta)

- POP-UP (all features) or embedded in the page (single player)

- Movie site Listen now.

- Custom image in the player.

- Resize Pop-up Window

- Google Adsense

- Titles (Shoutcast, Icecast and zaraftp / current song)

- Facebook comments


Important: Shoutcast V1 Add semicolon slash (/;) at the end of the URL, shoutcast v2 add semicolon slash and stream.mp3 (/;stream.mp3)


Adsense Player Flash

radio online


radio online


Su servidor no soporta flash players o javascripts, use por favor cualquiera de los siguientes links

HTML5 (Beta)

radio online

Windows Media

radio online

TItulos / Titles

radio online

Facebook Comments

radio online