RAR Stats Radio

Stats RAR Radio is an extension for Google Chrome and Opera 15 + created by rarcomputacion.com, to track real-time live listeners of online radio stations that work with Icecast and Shoutcast.

RarStats logoEnables notifications via system (Chrome only) and an icon in Google Chrome and Opera, know the connection status and current users.

System notifications (only Chrome), displayed in a pop-up window, the information of the users connected and maintaining peak RAR Stats listen Radio (this may vary at peak listening server), this notice can be customized of 0-30 minutes, if there is a change in the amount of current listeners the notification shown.

The icon RAR Stats Radio is located next to the address bar as any extension of Chrome or Opera and shows the number of users online at the moment, this information is updated every minute.

If you click on its icon we extend the radio information.

Stats Radio RAR data will only show the first radio in a specific port.